Why not finish with a bang of a year and celebrate all things amazing, most would think… And for most, it will be! I’m a cup of “over flowing” type of gal BUT firstly, what about those women who won’t receive grand or magnificent news this year. What happens if you know a girlfriend who is going through cancer, who just found out their spouse is unwell or who is dealing with a child that really needs some help.

What happens if you found out you had a brain tumour and needed major surgery whilst discovering you were just pregnant? This is what happened to Sheree Jonathon. The turmoil, the induced coma and what about her growing baby?

Phoebe Johnston heard those words no woman ever wishes to hear; Cancer. Her life was far bumpier than a rollercoaster, and yet now, from the mess of her news, she delivers messages of love and priorities to all around her.

I’ve seen in the last 16 months that women are more inclined to share themselves, come to events and open themselves up when we are truly honest and we cry. Yes that’s right, we cry. Now I’m not the normal bawl my eyes out kind of girl but these stories women are openly exposing takes courage and in doing so it shows how being beautifully broken is a gorgeous and utterly divine quality we have.

It’s why motherhood is at its most powerful.

But throw in a glamour media career, makeup, hair looking immaculate and style always on point and it’s hard to see that, big personality and rising CH 9 star, Amelia Adams was fighting back tears on live TV as she couldn’t function with no sleep once her second baby had entered the world.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do for a living, we are all mums. Hearing, living and experiencing stories we often wish we didn’t have to go through.

Its why our last event for the year will be held with the three mentioned women above and how together, we can overcome challenges and life’s tragedies. How motherhood at the core is the toughest, most challenging but most rewarding role we will ever play.

We want you to feel loved, to be understood and to be lifted higher as you walk out for the remainder of 2017.

Tickets here. Spots limited and you’ll walk out from the five star Intercontinental Double Bay with goodie bags, gifts and a beautiful brunch.