I woke up and realised something very easy yet often forgotten. Simplicity really will lead to such a healthy happy life but not just in what you do but also when you go to choose your outfit for the day. I realised there are items we ALL need in our wardrobe. We sometimes overlook these basic staples we need for the season ahead and instead continue to shop for the latest greatest trends.

There are 5 go to’s we can all access whether low budget end or mighty high, and I encourage you to make sure somewhere in your unique wardrobe they do belong.

Black Pants: Can be dressed up or down, worn with heels, sandals or kicks. They add finesse to your outfit. They can be worn all year round and are absolutely essential.


Blue Denim Jeans: Whether distressed, ripped, patterned, baggy, plain or tight…denim will always be in and can represent with any outfit.


Crisp White Shirt: Always adds elegance, freshness and brightness to your attire. Add some lippy to dress it up, transitioning from day to night. Worn with shorts or pants, a white shirt can be found easily and worn whether on the cheap or expensive side. Its available to all.


Tan Sandals: Go with everything as we enter the warmer months. Dress down with a dress, slip on with jeans or stroll with shorts. They add lightness to your everyday outfit.


Grey T-Shirt: Block colours have, and always will, stand out. There are many different shades of greys you can choose from and again, can transition from casual to confident at night.


With all these staple pieces in a wardrobe, it’s up to us how we wear them…tucked in, tight, oversized, baggy or contoured. We all have different attributes we love to show off and also like to disguise so work out how it looks best on you and walk into the season knowing that with the above pieces, you are 100% covered; in basics!