1. What is shethrives.org?


shethrives.org is an exciting new online self-coaching platform designed for women looking to return to work after having children, and working mothers who want to better manage the juggle of working and growing a family.


  1. Why did you start SheThrives?


We started SheThrives because of our own experience returning to work after our 5 children, and our deep desire to help other mothers to thrive. We have created an on-demand, psychology-based self-coaching platform that women can access whenever they like, wherever they are.


  1. How does it work?


Our online classes are open 24/7, and once you find the program that is right for you, you’ll have lifetime access via any device to all programs that you purchase. Our programs are delivered via video tutorials and printable discovery tools.

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  1. Why should mothers be more confident than ever?


What lots of women don’t realise, is that the growth-experiences of parenting make you a better employee, a better leader, and a better colleague. Anyone who has had to comfort a toddler, lead a bunch of primary schoolers or build a relationship with a troublesome teenager, whilst juggling several other semi-urgent matters at the same time, would agree.


  1. How important is building your confidence when you’re returning to work?


Strengthening your confidence needs to be No.1 on your list. If your confidence has taken a dip, you’re not alone – it’s something we see often in clever, capable women who have taken a career break. The great thing about confidence, is that psychology shows us how it can be re-built.


  1. What is one thing mothers wanting to thrive more should STOP doing?


Stop comparing your day-to-day to someone else’s highlight reel. Humans have a tendency to compare, and our consumption of social media can leave us feeling like we’re falling short personally and professionally. We’d love to see less social media time and more time connecting with what matters most.


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  1. What is one thing mothers wanting to thrive more should START doing?


Start focusing on what matters most, and forget about having it all. Letting go of trying to be everything, do everything and fix everything is a great step towards thriving more often. Narrowing your focus to what really matters can help you to simplify life and feel an increased sense of calm.