Planning a road trip with kids certainly requires a little extra planning and creativity to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.  If your kids are anything like mine we are no sooner on our merry way and they are already asking “Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” Yikes this can begin to sound like a broken down record before we have even left our leafy neighbourhood in Sydney.  Here are a few tips that may be of use when planning your next road trip with kids.


Sit down together as a family and plan your trip.  Map out perfect places to stop along the way.  These may include places of interest, parks with playgrounds, toilets, picking up refreshments.  Allow the kids to help decide activities that they will like to be entertained with during the trip. Ensure the kids are aware approximately how long the road trip will take before reaching the destination, highlighting fun stops along the way that will keep the kids engaged and something to look forward to.  Be prepared for the trip to take longer than usual.


Plan for plenty of rest stops along the way.  This is important not only for the kids, but for the driver to ensure they are refreshed and focussed along the way.  If it is in the middle of summer perhaps stop off at a patrolled beach, or ocean bath.  Perhaps there is a local museum of interest, playground for the kids to play and something to eat.  Try to make each stop fun and enjoyable.


  • DVD player
  • Tablet/device
  • Journal
  • Colour pencils/book
  • Old fashioned games like I SPY




Little tummies are unpredictable and can get hungry at anytime.  If you are an hour or two away from your next stop these little hungry tummies become hangry.  Always pack a lunch box full of healthy goodies and a full water bottle.

Snacks may include:

  • Fresh fruit ie: grapes, banana, apple
  • Vegetable sticks
  • Museli bar
  • Sandwich
  • Rice crackers
  • Lollies as a treat (this also helps my kids with motion sickness)



Ensure you have a small bag handy with a light change of clothes for just any little mishaps that may arise during your road trip.  Nothing worse than having to unpack a fully loaded boot to find a small change of clothes.  And for those travelling with bub, a fully stocked baby bag that is easily accessable throughout your journey.



One thing I have always been hugely in love with is journal writing.  My kids have kept journals on every trip, even at a very young age, drawing pictures until they were old enough to write about their experiences.  Certainly not necessary to go out and spend a small fortune on journals for the kids (although there are some really cool travel journals to be found) a small notebook where they can get creative and draw and write about their road trip along the way. This makes for a beautiful keepsake.

Now it is time to hit the road.