Motherhood is a complex thing. Instinctively when we become parents, we see our role as one that is purely there to protect and provide for our newly acquired precious cargo. And that’s a pretty fair assumption.

So we carry on with our caring duties by ensuring our days are filled with activities that serve that purpose. Washing, cleaning, feeding, playing taxi service and financially ensuring they have everything they need.

But there are a few more elements to parenting that aren’t necessarily bouncing at the forefront of our brains. Self-Care is one of them.

Now as a Mum, I would say that the most important thing for me, is seeing my kids happy and healthy. But from personal experience, that does not necessarily come from having a drawer full of clean clothes, a beautifully cooked lamb casserole at dinner, being well equipped and on time for their swimming lessons or a fresh set of ‘kicks’ every other month.

It comes from me feeling good about myself, physically, psychologically and spiritually.  And that only happens when I allow myself time for ‘ME’.

Self-care isn’t just getting in a quick shower before bed and throwing on a face mask. It’s about ensuring you give yourself the same level of commitment to your well-being that you would give to your kids.

1: By providing yourself with good nutrition and a well balanced diet you are ensuring that you have ENERGY to give to everyone.

2: By participating in physical activity you are ensuring that you are STRONG enough to keep up with the every day demands of family life.

3: By nourishing your soul with positive people and an encouraging environment you are ensuring that you have the INNER CONFIDENCE to push your family through the challenging times.

4: By giving yourself time to focus on what is important to you, demonstrates to your children the deeper importance of the commitment you need to have to be SUCCESSFUL at everything you do in life.

justine5: And finally, when you allow yourself to come first, you create space for a soul that is full of JOY and CONTENTMENT.

When you are happy and confident, your whole family thrives.

And funnily enough, this is exactly what we were striving for to begin with?

SO! Less guilt…more self-care!