Women all over the world have adored the way French women dress. There’s books written about it, illustrations of it, the Parisian’s pride themselves on their ability to portray a nonchalant air of confidence and lifestyle that is so effortless when they waft to the local store to get a baguette before the day even beings.

Dressing to perfection almost seems passed down from generation to generation. And, well, it is. I speak to Karine Marr, from Business of Style to get her take on this desirable attribute.

“From an early age, French women learn to know their bodies. They get familiar with what fits and what doesn’t, and they definitely don’t follow fashion – they use it. Their style is all about consistency through time and trends and they stay true to who they are by keeping in mind their age and their lifestyle requirements in the modern times. Think Catherine Deneuve or Ines de la Fressange.

My advice would be to take time in planning your outfit and pay attention to the little details. Grooming is an absolute must as you’ll always find a French woman with her hair and make up looking wonderful. Shoes make or break an outfit, so keep all of them clean and in good condition.

My grandmother would always say that regardless of your age and regardless if you go to a special event or to buy a baguette, you should always give people the same respect in taking care of your appearance. Confidence in your appearance means a natural glow. “

Let’s look at these six no-fuss ways of looking like a French woman.


As mothers, we tend to focus more on our children than ourselves. To keep your confidence if you’ve not exercised for a while, look for a longer sleeve, ¾ if you like and longer skirt hems. This could be mid-calf or just before the ankle. It is still so sexy when styled well with a scarf, vest or overcoat. Keep cashmere sweaters at the top of your mind and enjoy wearing a ballet flat, mid-heel pointy boot or riding boot.


Honestly, nothing is sexier than wearing a well tailored suit with a French cuff and a pair of luxury ballet flats or high fashion sneakers. Wearing a black suit with a jacket, neck scarf, pearls and a cross body bag is uber-cool.


Many French women will rework their old favourites with new buttons, bootleg stitching, patches and embroidery. So much of this haberdashery can be sourced locally and it gives that old treasure a sense of modernity.


Many of us will only bring out a clutch during the evening, when an invitation arrives for a cocktail event. The French women will feel and stand differently when they are not towed down with a massive handbag on their arm or shoulder. A beautiful bucket shaped classic with embellishments is a must.


Wearing a crisp white shirt and denim is a staple for French women. The obvious image comes to mind with a striped shirt under a tailored jacket and denim jeans with flats. Add something wintery with an over the knee vintage boot and a black scarf.


Being comfortable is a must for the Parisian woman, and the trend of a high-waisted trouser with a cuff and straight leg in a black, blue or washed out deep grey is delicious.


I do believe Australia is accustomed to flats due to our love of outdoors so we certainly have something in common with our French cousins. Flats are slightly boyish and go with absolutely everything. Experimenting with textures, geographic shapes and buckles is a great idea.


Wearing statement jewellery over your minimal look is an art form that the French women love. Big vintage pieces in gold and art-deco brightens up hands and your face.


Images of French women in garter belts and stockings take you back to the days of the Can-Can. Alas! In 2016 it was replaced with hosiery and socks. The look has been strutting itself down the runway since the 1980’s and today is still in sharp form with Miu Miu. Little socks worn with flats or heels of t-bar shoes add a little je ne sais quoi.


French women love wearing men’s clothes believe it or not! And the humble PJ with monogrammed initials are all the rage.