Women and weights
My 6 Top reasons you should be lifting those dumb bells.

It is not uncommon to start your fitness journey with a traditional cardio approach. As females, we have all been led to believe that it’s the hours on the treadmill, the relentless RPM Classes or 10km road runs that are where we will get our best results.

Now don’t get me wrong, the above forms of exercise also have endless benefits to both your physical and psychological health, but stepping onto the gym floor with the boys and picking up something heavier than your water bottle will provide you with significant advantages.
1. Bone Density
Resistance training over time causes your bones to grow stronger, therefore reducing your chance of osteoporosis later in life. Women lose bone density rapidly after menopause due to the hormonal changes associated with estrogen reduction.

2. More Energy
Exercise in general will provide you with more energy, but a good weights session will leave you feeling energetic for hours after you have worked out.

3. Accelerated Calorie burn
Lifting weights creates the opportunity to build muscle and the better muscle to fat ratio you have, the greater ability you have to burn calories. That means you are more efficient at metabolizing the food you eat and staying lean at the same time.

Why women need to lift weights Image 3

4. Quality Sleep
Increasing your strength building workouts will ensure you fall asleep quickly AND stay asleep and wake rested. Yes please!!!

5. Increased Libido
Lifting weights increases your natural testosterone levels and we all know what that means!!!!
This one is a bonus for all involved.

6. Creates shape
You can’t create shape by doing endless hours of cardio. Curves are sculpted by muscle and that tone and defined look you want will only come from strength training.


Contrary to some beliefs, lifting weights will not make you bulky and masculine. Our female genetics simply do not allow for this to occur. Weight training will make you feel stronger, give you more confidence, provide you with endless health benefits and increase that ‘GIRL POWER’ that deep down inside we are all longing for.