It can be tough when you have no routine. Children are out of school and the spouse is around more so you want to take the opportunity to have ‘family time’. This generally includes lazy days hanging out together, heading to the beach, having swims and indulging a bit more in some yummy, but not the most healthiest food. After all, we are only at the very start of the year BUT, what if you want to make sure you are keeping some sort of balance to kick 2017 off well? I often find holidays are the hardest for me to approach the gym, I like to laze on a beach chair, play with the kids, sip on a cocktail (when I’m not pregnant) and take it all in! Here are 4 QueenHood Ques to aid in making sure you do get the best of both worlds.

1: Before the big buffet breakfast eat-athon, have a family workout station in your room, this way you all bond together. Do star jumps, squats or ask the children to implement an exercise. This is a great way to train their little brains but also get your body in gear. Push-ups, planks, lunges. Work with your own body weight. If you do just 20min of this, you will feel set for the day ahead. It will even effect your food choices at the buffet and you won’t feel bad about having that extra piece of crispy bacon!


2: Find a time dedicated to work out around the pool or beach, choose one activity and go for it, again it only needs to be 20min. Paddle boarding, kayaking with your child, a quick workout at the gym, just do it and tick it off. Recently we went away with two other families and one morning went on a big 3.5km bush hike, it was glorious, the kids all slept well that night and we felt so much better for achieving something so early in the morning.

3: Pack exercise shoes, this way it makes you think if you’ve brought them you must use them. Run in the soft sand, climb some hills and think of the sunset drinks you can indulge in after working out. Remember your children will watch you even more on holidays because you have unlimited time with them. Show them you care about investing in your health and fitness.

4: Make sure you also activate the brain. Choose a book you would never pick up at home and read it! Breaking routine is what this period is all about.