As young women, we are confident risk takers and love to express ourselves through our fashion choices. We have plenty of time to browse through magazines and clothing stores, which makes keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends an easy task. While our tight budgets force us to be resourceful, we look at op shops and discount outlets for inspiration, imitating our fashion icons (Madonna in my day, Hadid Sisters today)!!!!

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Inevitably our work and family lives evolve, priorities change, and time becomes all too precious to keep up with the prevailing fashion trends. Our bodies have also most likely changed so new fashion choices have to be made and, at times, our confidence dips and we revert to safer looks.   

The most rewarding part about being a Stylist is not only helping busy women look their absolute best, but also boosting their confidence levels when it comes to expressing themselves through their fashion and home styling. For me, it’s important to keep the whole process lighthearted and enjoyable, reminding my clients that fashion is fun and daring, and who doesn’t love a good shopping spree? 

Styling is absolutely case by case. Some clients are after a complete home or wardrobe makeover, whilst others may just need some help refreshing their casual looks, adding some new basics to their wardrobe or brightening up their homes with some fun new cushions or art work.  

When it comes to a wardrobe makeover, I aim to create a capsule wardrobe which includes all the core basics of a well-balanced wardrobe, making sure that all new pieces are a perfect fit and blend in with the rest of the wardrobe. The makeover also involves de-cluttering and organizing the clothes in a structured way that makes getting dressed in the morning a pleasure, rather than a task.


Breaking down a common misconception: You don’t need to be super thin or super wealthy to be super stylish, nor do you have to be decked out in designer gear to turn heads. From my perspective, style is completely subjective and very personal, it transcends all body shapes and budgets, it’s an attitude! As much as I love following current trends ultimately, my goal is to help my clients achieve the looks they want and the confidence to wear it

Initial consultations are free of charge, hourly rate is $100 and I am always happy to offer great value packages. I look forward to hearing from you!


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