It was whilst I showered the name QueenHood came to me.

Being amongst Queens.

Women of wisdom, life experience and values….that made me jump out of the hot downpour, dripping wet and tell my husband that the dream I had inside of me was stirring!


I raced upstairs, secured the name and trademark and there it lay; my first step and the first investment into a business I was passionate about with purpose behind it. QueenHood had been in the making for 3 years and I finally had to let go of fear and fly!
I took a snap shot of securing the website name and I remember the moment. I knew the seed had been planted in great soil, now it needed to be watered carefully.

I had always prayed for twins and I know God answered just in his unusual, but perfect way of blessing us with our fourth pregnancy at the same time I launched QueenHood.


I was up nearly every night and every day working on it…grabbing feedback, doing surveys and looking at the other amazing women forums online and around our nation.
I asked ladies in my life their opinions and I had a small group of women I trusted for honesty. I would email them with brand ideas and logos.
I would ask for constructive criticism.
I worked my ever growing buttocks off. I was so passionate for this that the 2/3am insomnia was welcomed. I would use the time and get my to do list going. Website design, the feel, the layout. I sought a wonderful social media guru who has been with us right from the start and it’s allowed me so much time to not be on social media but involved in the everyday moments with my children.

I scheduled as much content as I could for 6 months in advance.

elka mater 1

I still look over every email that comes into QueenHood and have already said no to some big brands and companies wanting to align with QueenHood because in the end the true value of your brand is what you stand for and QueenHood will never be a seller for soul destroying, fast money making moments.

It is the online community of women, everyday women. Not the so called “celebrities” and no recycled articles…just honest, silver lining words that resonate to each and every woman.


The emails behind the scenes are that of an iceberg, in that, the deepest most profound moments for me have been the women willing to share their hearts no matter how dark or tragic it is. Somehow these women trusted QueenHood enough to open up to me and in doing so I close my eyes each night knowing I’m on the right path.

The events held allow me to meet the women behind the screens of social media that we all follow and I’m welcomed into their arms in real time.


What I have learnt from starting a dream/business/platform?
Well in short; this…

1: As cliche as it is, every book you read or every person with experience in starting a business repeats this…”It takes hard work”. And it sure does! But the hard work will bear good fruit and the more of it you do the more confident you will feel about what you’ve created.

2: There are women thirsty to meet new women, friends, groups and connections. Whether it be a mother in a tough season, a start up business idea from home or a lady wanting to get on the right path of health and fitness. None of us can do life alone. My eyes have been opened to the incredible women’s groups out there for mums and businesses. It’s not a competition. We all offer amazing points of difference and events that are put on around Sydney that I’ve gone to, have all been incredible in there own way.

3: The business you start, people will only see the iceberg top…all shiny and white, not the 75% underneath that is the hard work behind the scenes, the head space it takes up in your brain or the emails from women who have opened their hearts to you and trusted you.
To me this is what it’s all been about. The fact that starting QueenHood has allowed women to be honest and open enough to share soul moments. The business you start no one will fully understand the time, investment or passion you have for it BUT they don’t need to either. The business will only succeed if it’s not about YOU.

4: Whatever you create and bring to life, make sure it’s about allowing others to be better than they were yesterday. Allow them the chance to grow and ignite their life. Whether it’s a tech startup, a fashion label, a business group for women or a fitness circle for ladies. Ensure your business is uplifting for others. Make your business bring new energy and new life to them. Stand out, be bright and shine shine shine!!

If you love what you do it will shine through.


Loving bioisland who has believed in QueenHood from day 1…Thank You so much!

St George Bank who has supported us with each event.
And to every incredible woman who has written online content…Thank You for allowing us into a small part of your incredible world. You have touched lives you are not even aware of.