1. You’re a mother of twins! What made you have that light-bulb moment of also adding a business to your your already full world?

Funnily enough, the light bulb came on during those sleepless nights, struggling to feed two babies at once whilst listening to Smooth FM – because, well, Smooth FM (and the babies listened to it 24/7 during their stay in the special care nursery). In moments when I was looking at my daughters’ sleepy faces and wondering where they would be in 2, 10, even 20 years, I began pondering where I would be – ideas began popping up.

After the twins’ first birthday, I realised I had been putting everything into the babies; from the pregnancy, to persistently expressing/breastfeeding, then relentlessly trying to find the right ratio of beef and broccoli puree – all for it to be thrown on the floor. I was adjusting to my new life and happy, but I felt like I could handle more than feeding and trying to remember who’s nappy I had changed last!

I wanted to lead by example, and as tired and as time poor as I was, a little glow seemed just what I needed, so I decided to give The Glow Manifesto a go.

2. Glow Manifesto came about because…

I have a serious love of pampering, DIY products and simple beauty tricks and I felt the time was right to put myself out there. I was losing my sense of self, and I had to address that. I wanted to be happy when I looked in the mirror – to stop looking away and thinking that I would deal with my (insert: hair, legs, boobs, bags, blah, blah) later, when I had time. I had to be frank, if you want time you have to make it, especially to look good and feel better.

I put my 3am thoughts into action, started a manifesto on how to glow, which turned into the blog. Drawing from my years of experience in beauty, I began to share what works and what doesn’t, what was worth it and what you can do in no time at all. I found that less is best, quality natural ingredients always prevail and feeling beautiful does not have to be hard. This started resonating with others and the business was born! With a little inspiration from my favourite Roald Dahl quote

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I decided that: The Glow Woman is time poor, but knows being the best version of herself will enable her to have strength, take pride and care for others.

Now The Glow Manifesto is entering a new phase of life and it’s so exciting! I am constantly searching for simple and inspiring ways to help women glow: from beauty products and treatments, to a walk in the park or simply a state of mind. I love that people don’t just love to read my blog, but want to share their own little time-saving tricks – like DIY Dry Shampoo with Arrowroot. There is real beauty in connecting with amazing women who have their own beautiful glow and want to share it. I really admire women who are not afraid to be as beautiful as they are.

3: There are a lot of beauty companies and social media platforms out there, what can you add and how do you differ?

I am an average mum who just so happens to know a few of those beauty secrets that can make you feel special. The Glow Manifesto is something I’m genuinely passionate about, and I’m really proud that it has already touched so many women in a positive way.

I simply don’t have time to fluff and I’m not here to make money – after years of marketing/trailing products and services in the beauty industry, I created the blog as a place for women like me to conveniently and accessibly discover new products and services that work. When I get overwhelmed from all the beauty companies out there, my partner reminds me that the authenticity of writing a blog comes from being yourself and that is as original as you can get!

4: How do you describe a secure woman? What does she look like?

She has perspective, helped by a network of other secure woman. She is not afraid to share or show weakness and vulnerability. She can respectfully say no. And she has the confidence to love herself for who she is.

5: Have there been moments when you’ve felt alone as you juggle life with children and starting a business? How did you handle this?

There have been so many moments like this! I find the loneliest time is always between 3-5am, especially when my other half is away for work. Juggling the twins off no sleep and little idea what I’m doing can be tough. I just ride with it and try to use it as motivation, as well as making sure I try and use time to myself for myself.

Now I have wonderful communities I can turn to anytime, day or night. Maintaining solid communities and networks has worked wonders. I attend two different outdoor mother’s groups and jump online to engage in blogs like this, which keep me going. I love how you can talk motherhood and business here – there is little judgement and it is a tremendously encouraging space.

6: The 1 QueenHood tip you’d give to women wanting to venture out into building their dream is…

Never give up, and use your fellow women to bounce your ideas off and lift you up. Oh, and go watch Wonder Woman, it’s empowering!

7: What’s on your bucket list for the remainder 2017?

Besides the business goals I have set for The Glow Manifesto, I’m aiming to get to the Queenstown Half Marathon with CanToo. I have attempted it once before, but found it so physically demanding I did not finish. This time I have a different approach: to focus on mentally testing myself and take each step as it comes. I have a lot more patience now, and a better understanding and belief in what I can achieve. Plus, I want to get outdoors and moving again!