Loving our body starts with our mind and our heart. Only then can we be open to changing our health to improve our body function and seek the love of one self.

Body image is your image and no one else’s.

Body image is the image of you in your head.
Only you can choose the way your body looks.
Nobody can tell you, “this is how you should look or will look”.
Your body can only be created to become your best body and nothing compares to being your OWN best.

Belinda NS

Changing our mindset to gain better body image after having children was difficult but by using these 3 mindset tips below: loving your body was now a fun new adventure. Not only did changing my mindset make my self-confidence improve but it also helped to create a better food lifestyle in the process.


Look for your beauty in the mirror.

When we look in the mirror we generally look for faults. For example; your hair is not right, your have pimple, or mascara on your eyelid, then we start to pick on major things like our nose it too pointed or our arms are floppy. Then we look at cellulite on our thighs and we begin to think we are totally at a loss.

So rather than looking for the imperfections, look for the perfections.
“Wow my teeth are clean today”, “my eyes look bright this morning”, “my nails are in such good condition at the moment” You will begin to see only the good every time you look in the mirror.


• You are smart
• You are kind
• You are trying your best

If you write one thing down each day, you’ll start to believe it and your body will reward you for that self-belief. You are showing you’re internally positive and your happy mind set begins to explode. People will feel better around you and your body will reward you for this also.


This means look for things that improve your health rather than things giving you weight loss. A goal of weight loss creates a negative mind set which can appear unachievable most of the time and this is a huge and easy reason as to why many give up. However, if you make changes to help your health, like goals such as gaining better sleep, creating less mucus or feeling more energized, the goal becomes more achievable.

To begin a weight loss journey we need to re-boot our system and this is achieved by flushing it first with water, juices, speed exercise and metabolism boosting food and products. Use the natural metabolism boosters like: blueberries, broccoli, almonds and also one of the secret products I use is Body Science Green TX100 – a health and wellness product that contains caffeine and green tea to help boost antioxidant’s and also gives a huge burst of energy to get your body boosted to speed up the weight loss process.