Some days I absolutely kill it at parenting. You know those days when…
The house is clean.
There isn’t a toy in sight on the floor.
The laundry only has one load of washing left to be done.
The kids have been fed 3 homemade meals and I’ve even managed to bake a cake.
There’s newly painted artwork drying on the line, and they’re taking turns playing with something else while they wait.
The kitchen is tidy.
I’ve had 2 hot (and I repeat HOT) cups of coffee.
My teeth are brushed, I’ve showered and even peed alone at some point.
And to top it all off they’re asleep by 7pm.
The house is silent and then something strange happens…I’m lost.
What to do? The kids and house is all I “do”. It’s all I’ve done for the last 3 years. I’ve lost sight of all my own likes and hobbies as I hardly have time (make time) for them. So now on these days and others, as the kids continue to grow and become more independent I need to rediscover myself.
Who am I? What do I enjoy? What do I do for myself daily? What makes me happy? Ask yourself these questions, without defining yourself as a mother. Don’t let your answers include the following words:
Mother, Wife, my children, my kids, my partner, my family.
Well then, starting today make time for YOU.
You are YOU first and a mother/partner second.
There is no person more important than YOU.
As women we are constantly putting others before ourselves. Especially our children. Everything you do in your life is for your children, their happiness, their future. But there is no need to constantly put yourself on the back burner.
Children also get joy out of seeing YOU happy. Your energy, your positivity, your vibe influences them. YOU are the role model. Taking time for yourself, doing something you love each day is a positive example to set for your children. It teaches them that each one of us are important. That everyday, EVERYONE should do something they love. Something for themselves that makes them happy. It may be the simplest task or smallest moment, but the end result will be tremendous.

It revitalises YOU.
It refuels YOU.
It reminds you and others of YOU.
Nothing is possible without YOU.
Take care of yourself, rediscover who YOU are.

“Don’t strive to be the best mother. Strive to be the best women, and then mother your children.” -Unknown

Sending you love,