Today I found myself googling “how to have a balanced life as a mother.”

I found nothing to help. All the posts were about balancing working life with home life. But that wasn’t what I was after. I wanted answers on how to balance my kids needs as well as my husbands needs and my own. So I ventured on to Pinterest but this time I found myself searching something different…”Self-worth”.

Self-worth…defined as the sense of someone’s value or worth.
I came to the realisation that motherhood has taken over my self-worth. In the process of loving someone too much I lost myself. I forgot that I too am special. That I also deserve love. Not love from my kids or my husband, but love from myself.

Legacy you leave is love
Legacy you leave is love

I deserve to spoil myself.
I deserve to have some time out.
I deserve to spend some money on myself without feeling guilty.
I deserve to have date nights with the hubby.
I deserve to do things I enjoy.
I deserve to feel like ME again.

And the best part is I can do ALL these things while still being a GREAT mum.
Spending time on me and being me will actually make me a better mother and wife.

I often say I have no time to do these things. But in reality I do. I just don’t make these things a priority. I never make ME a priority. For the last few years it’s been kids first, then hubby, then me. But if I reverse the cycle and put myself first at times I will have more to give back. Prioritising myself is a necessity not an indulgence.

So this week I am going to start viewing things differently and put some of that mummy guilt to rest.
I will make time to do things I enjoy everyday.
I will say ‘no’ to things I don’t really want to do.
I will prioritise what is important and not get caught up in the rest.

After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Once you’ve given your all, you must refill the cup to keep going. No one else can do that for you. The power is in your hands.
Re-fill, re-energize, re-charge.

YOU are the most important person.

Sending you love,