I have found motherhood to be so life-altering in its intensity that at times I struggle to even remember who I was pre-baby! Being a mama has completely overtaken me in a way I never even imagined.

When people ask me what has been the biggest change, it is that I no longer care about myself. It’s as if any and every selfish bone in my body has long gone. As easy as breathing, is how I give everything to serve the needs of my much-longed-for baby. I was a little worried when I was pregnant as to how I would adjust. My husband and I had enjoyed 10 years of just us. Long weekend brunches that turned into dinners out, overseas travel, plenty of sleep-ins (we would often sleep till 8am midweek and RACE to get ready for work! Ha!) and a life totally dedicated to our career paths. While I miss my sleep, I don’t even pause for a second in devoting my entire being to the happiness and well being of my daughter.


From the seemingly endless all-nighters when she is sick to the things I will do just to make her smile, I didn’t know I was capable of being this selfless and not for a second have I counted the cost.  Every time they need you, you find something in your heart that just so easily lifts to meet that need.

I actually need to be reminded to do self-care which is something my latte loving, perennially polished former self would NEVER have believed. I’m sitting here with highlights 5 months overdue and nails that I painted myself (because mani with an 11 month old!!??) and I actually got a quick trim at a BARBER because it was cheaper and I’d rather save for her 1st birthday.

And I’m the most gloriously happy I have ever been.