1. First thing in the morning when you wake up, do you look at your phone? If so, what do you search? 
First up I check Facebook and Instagram for work then emails before heading to the beach to train at 5.20am. 
2. Are you a coffee or tea drinker and what kind? 
Both!! Tea first up in the morning – English breakfast or earl grey depending on the day then when I arrive at work at 8.30am it’s a skim flat white while I’m preparing for my day and reading client files and setting up.
3. You always imagined growing up you’d be? 
I never thought about what I would be until I was about 17. I then thought I would be social worker. On completing my HSC, I didn’t think I had the ability to leave it at work so moved in to skin.
4. You own Skin Clinic Blyss…What is the biggest gripe you hear from women when they come in for facial work? Whether it be a simple facial or more intrusive? 
Ageing. Whether it be pigmentation (the most ageing of conditions) or redness. They have tried it all and nothing has worked – whether that be due to misinformation, impatience or too high a expectation.
5. When women are negative it makes you..
Feel like I’m carrying a heavy load. Everything can be improved.
6. When women support one another you…
Feel inspired. We are all on the same side – weather we are all trying for that work/life balance or to feel that we are giving back a little.
7. One thing you keep close to your chest (until now is)…
I enjoy a sneaky gin and tonic at the end of the day – with cucumber!!
8. To all those women who are negative on social media you’d say…
It’s not necessary. To put it out there on social media can be such a brave move, we’re all putting ourselves out there and it should be embraced not ridiculed.
9. If you could express one piece of QueenHood advice to working women you would say…
Don’t be too tough on yourself. There are times when I am super organised and the fridge is full and other times when my kids have a lunch order everyday. If you can, outsource. Natalie, who helps us out to clean, is my lifeline. Without her I would argue with my husband, have a dirty dis-organised house and wouldn’t see my couch for clothes that need to be folded.
10. The never ending quest for balance between work life and family life you take on by…
I train 3 mornings a week on the beach at 5.30am to keep me sane. I’m certainly not the fittest in the group but keeps me focused and feeling balanced and a nicer mum. Also Natalie is my angel (I also purchased a thermomix – easy and healthy weekday dinners – just need a wife to shop for me).
11. SKIN CLINIC BLYSS hopes to deliver…
Results driven, realistic skin treatments and education on how best to treat your skin. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we are up to date with the latest information on skin conditions as well as home care without breaking the bank or intimidating.
12. When you’re in work mode you are best described as…
Focused, friendly, welcoming and approachable.
13. The legacy you hope to leave is…
That people feel confident in their own skin