1: You own and co-own four incredibly well-known restaurants. What inspiration do you take away each day from this job?

Every day when I go home, I walk away feeling fulfilled and inspired by what my husband and I have accomplished. Over the years, I have learnt if you work hard, you can achieve absolutely anything.

2: Your biggest influence has been your father. which women do you admire in the business world yourself?

A woman I admire in the business world would have to be Gai Waterhouse. It’s inspiring to see what she has done and achieved over the years.

3: Being a mother to four children, have you found your capacity has had to increase?

Being a Mother to four children and the owner of The London, co-owner of East London and the China Diner Brand, has meant I have had to learn to delegate my work load. Since the beginning, I have always understood that to have a good business and to ensure it grows, it is essential to have a good team around you, as well as to have a healthy work life/family life balance.


4: Tell us when the wheels have fallen off? How did you get back up again?

Everyone has bad days, however it is important to try and find the positive in everything. Always remember, whatever happens it is not as bad as you think. To have this healthy mind set, I think it’s important to eat well, exercise regularly and get enough sleep every night.

5: You see women in business as….

I see women in business as inspirational and important. Women in business sends a good message to the younger generations that women do work and they can achieve success.

6: How do you handle social media?

I believe social media is really important and is something that is of value for businesses. Every day you will see different posts being uploaded onto The London, East London, China Diner Double Bay & China Diner Bondi Instagram accounts which showcases our current offers and food/beverage options that are available at each respective venue.  

7: The legacy you strive to leave is…?

The legacy I strive to leave is that I raise 4 grounded children who have the mentality that anything is possible through hard work and dedication.