Consciously regulating social media
Social media fascinates me… I love it and dislike it and love it all over again.
It has become such a huge part of many of our lives and seems to be the norm at the beginning, during and end of our days. Don’t get me wrong there is an amazing connectedness in our world and access to information and sharing of each other’s lives but we need to be careful as it’s a little distorted – it’s a positive view into each other’s lives. It tends to be the highlight moments an less of the day to day normal ones. This creates a pressure to keep up, to live an ‘instrgramable life’. What does that even mean……
I have had moments where it’s made me feel really yuck and made me question if I am as happy as everyone else…. but why would you post the normal every day moments or the tough days, then again why not? Huge support to those that have been brave enough to share the raw reality of those moments, more balance in what we share is great and honest.
In an effort to maintain control of how social media fits into my world and get the most out out of it I have tried these simple things:
  1. spend time on sites and follow people who make me feel good when i look at their content or align with my interests. I ask the question- does it add something good to my day?
  2. I Unfollow those that have the opposite effect
  3. I have a set time in the day I jump on an catch up. Taking control and becoming conscious of how i include it into my day.
  4. Being in touch with my mood – how is my head space right now, is it going to help or does it have the potential to bring me down? And take a break every now and then and see how it feels?
This has helped me maintain a good healthy level of control of social media within my life and it’s a positive part of my week.