It doesn’t matter what you wear, right?! It is what’s inside that counts!

We have all heard this countless times, and I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely, 100%, without question – Confidence, identity and self worth is an inside job.
BUT – Given that we have absolute control over what we choose to wear, it can actually be more of an indicator of our true self than our faces or our bodies, which we didn’t choose.

You know how you feel when you wash your hair, pop on some mascara and slip into a pair of jeans and a cotton top that you KNOW fit well, you KNOW look fresh and feel SOFT against your skin.

You know how you feel when you slide on those favourite heeled boots with your black skirt and button down shirt and walk into a big meeting or presentation.

You know how you feel and studies have proven time and time again that what we feel on the outside translates internally, giving us more confidence, more conviction, and lifts our moods.

Likewise, what about those days when we just CAN’T. We feel cruddy, so we make no effort with our clothes, our hair or anything. The way we dress causes us to think ‘I can’t get out at the school gate’, or ‘I can’t let people I know see me like this’… and what do you think THAT internally translates to?!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.02.51 pm


But I don’t look like them

So, does it matter if you are a size 6 or size 16? What if (like me) you are two different sizes top and bottom? Or (also like me) the clothes you see on the models don’t look like THAT on you?

Guess what – that is just fine. Perfect, in fact.

We are talking about YOU.

Who YOU are.

How YOU wear the clothes.

Not anyone else.
Your AUTHENTIC self.

So guess what… the clothes are not going to look like they do one the models BUT they are going to look the way they are supposed to look on YOU!

So how do I complete the loop…


Yes, take inspiration form other women and their clothing to make decisions about your style, but then add the secret ingredient – YOU.

Decide on what you like. Browse some websites (Hawkins & Co is a good one to start with) and find some brands you like. Learn about the brands. Think about your capsule. Plan your purchases and plan your future purchases – note: less impulse, more planning.

You are what YOU choose wear. You need to continue the work of self care, self love and self worth from the inside, but recognise and work on completing the feedback loop from the outside.