Our 6 year old said to our 4 year old “Presley goodnight, you must go to sleep now, but remember you must wake up in the morning”. It was a priceless and innocent statement from our son but it impacted me; Live SIMPLE!

Life starts simple. Remember when it was for you? remember how it felt? Is life easy to explain for you now? When you leave for holidays what excites you most about packing? Is it just a few costumes and some throw-on summer dresses? Or your favourite books? When we holiday, no matter how close or far from home we travel, we realise we only need very little to survive. Yet when we return home all our possessions and these “must have” fill our lives and rooms.


This week’s blog is simple: BE SIMPLE. Distinguish what is a NEED and what is a WANT. A need is a necessity such as air,water and love. A want is lavish desire to obtain, to have just to make you feel better. Simplicity is sadly phasing out we see this through how much social media is around us and how the word simple use to be reading a good book or having an intimate conversation with a group of friends without mobile phones buzzing. I still live in an environment where I CHOOSE to have simplicity. I just have to search harder.

Remember to wake up and when your feet hit that floor as you arise for the day, choose to live simply and see the difference it pays.

Show your actions to your children, your spouse and the women around you, don’t rush and know if you don’t tick it off today, you can tomorrow!