You are full of life, you’re adventurous, inquisitive, energetic, active and physical.
You are sensitive, sweet natured, kind, caring and a real thinker.
Your smile lights up a room, your cuddles melt my heart.
Your cheeky little grin and expressive face give you away every time.
Your sense of humour is well beyond your years and your laugh infectious.
You are perfect just the way you are, you are everything you are meant to be and more.
You love me and need me in the most beautiful way and I couldn’t love you anymore if I tried.
You challenge me and push me in ways I haven’t experienced.
You need me and depend on me in ways I hadn’t imagined.
I have learnt more about myself from parenting you over the last two years than I have in my thirty years of life.
You have taught me I am not as patient as I once thought I was, that I need sleep more than I realised.
You have taught me that I am not as easy-going and adaptive as I believed I was.
You however, are perfect just the way you are, you are everything you are meant to be and more.
The times we have clashed, the days that have been hard, the screams that have been heard and the tears that have been cried are not from lack of love or misbehaviour.
We are different, you and I and that is a wonderful thing. Everyday we learn more about each other and in turn learn to appreciate our similarities and differences.
I am a mother, but I am also just a person with a lot of learning still to do.

My darling boy please know it is not you it is me.

I am learning how to let go a little and allow the exploration to take place even if it means some scratches and bruises along the way.

I am learning to let the play happen even if it means mess, dirt and chaos.

I am learning to let go because being with you is what truly makes me happy, the housework, emails and laundry can wait but your childhood cannot.
Do not ever change for anything my dear, difference is beautiful and we will learn so much from each other.

I adore sharing in your zest for life, the thrills you get from everyday activities and your passion for everything you enjoy and believe in. These are the qualities that make you you and will make you great.

As you continue to grow and flourish and come into your own we will have our differences, we won’t always see eye to eye. We won’t always agree and we will more than likely frustrate and challenge each other.
In those moments of struggle my love, please remember you are perfect just the way you are, you are everything you are meant to be and more.