1. First thing in the morning when you wake up, do you look at your phone? If so, what do you search?
Yes, I go for my meditation app that I have with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I do this for 20 mins before I get out of bed Mon-Fri.

2. Are you a coffee or tea drinker and what kind?
Coffee for sure, I’m not too fussy with coffee, I am fine with instant…whatever gets the neurons firing fast.

3. You always imagined growing up you’d be?
I thought I would be a teacher or a business woman. When I was 12 I used to dress-up in power suits and take a brief case to school.


4. Biggest misconception in the beauty industry
That it’s run by women! Its not, most of the beauty biz owners I deal with are men in their 40’s and 50’s.

5. When women are negative it makes you…
Walk away. I don’t have time for negative energy. My energy needs to be lifted high to maintain the level of hustle I have to get through on a daily basis. To me my energy is precious and I have to protect it from negative people and situations.

6. When women support one another you…
Feel proud. We all need to work and support one another, not tear each other down or be competitive.
For years men have always had their “boys club” to get ahead, now its time for women to master that same skill of helping each other along the way knowing what comes around goes around and there is enough for everyone.


7. You started Cherry Blooms with $ ? to begin this incredible business and the journey of…
I started Cherry Blooms with a massive amount of credit card debt (5 cards all maxed out) and a dream to get out of my corporate job, create products I love and work for myself. There was no way I wanted to pay that debt off by working in a job I wanted to get out of…the only way out was to start a business that I enjoyed doing so the pain of paying off the debt wasn’t so painful. It was enough of a sticking point that I managed to make it successful. I now have a team, a global market and the business is turning over multi-millions that started from a weekend market stall.

8. To all those women who are negative on social media you’d say…
Look in the mirror and see where the insecurity lies within yourself. That is a subtle clue for you to realise there is something within you that you are not liking about yourself and you probably don’t even realise it.

9: If you could express one piece of QueenHood advice to working women you would say….
Check in with yourself often and make sure you are doing things to top yourself up and be happy.
You cannot be an empty vessel and give to everyone else…your job, your family, friends etc. You need to re-charge and selfishly do things that you want to do not just because you have to do them, make the time.
Ask for what you want in life, take it and don’t wait for permission.


10. The never ending quest for balance between work life and family life you take on by…
Doing mind numbing things late at night! I like to watch a bit of reality TV as my way to tune out for a few hours. It’s weird but I found it to be the only way I’m not thinking about my business, challenges I’m facing or a problem I need to solve.
I shamelessly think its good for my mental health!
(I do however meditate in the morning so its an even split).

11. When you’re in work mode you are best described as…
I’m a super multi-tasker, ninja-style, Macgyver, make-it-happen kind of person who doesn’t take no for an answer.
I will always find a way to get what I want.

12. The legacy you hope to leave is…
The idea that anything is possible when you have the dream and vision for it; and back it up with belief and worthiness in yourself to have it.