I have 5 rules for you, to help keep your wardrobe timeless, effortless and carefree:

1. Have a colour palette – Think about colours you like, and colours that suit you. For a truly timeless pallete, I would advise avoiding lots of bright colours and loud prints. Neutral colours and soft pastels speak volumes for sophistication and effortlessness. Having said that a pop of bright colour can add a bit of fun, a point of interest and express personality, so if that’s you, then go for it. Your wardrobe colours need to be carefully considered and planned, and one idea that lots of women prescribe to is to use neutral colours for the clothing and adding some colour to the accessories to give that pop!

2. Know your style – Find out what it is you like to wear, what it is that makes you feel comfortable, and what it is that suits you and your lifestyle. Your style may change as you go through different life stages, and as you age, so it is important to revisit from time to time… Know what you like to wear, the way you like to look and what gives you confidence, and go for it!

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3. Choose natural fibres – The reasons why are extensive: From the environmental impact to the way the fabrics breathe, look and feel. Look at filling your wardrobe with organic cotton, cotton, linen and wool. Luxury items like cashmere and silk are worth the investment if it is something you can extend to – they wear well, store well and add a timeless and sophisticated element to your collection. Personally I love organic cotton and linen for everyday wear… as a busy mum, I need clothes that wash and wear day in, day out!

4. Have a morning routine – THIS is sooooooo important. Many people will tell you this and I am going to be one of them: Wake up at the same time every morning. Set an alarm if you have too, but regardless of when you go to sleep, wake up and get going into your day! My morning routine is the same every morning: Wake and sit with a cup of tea, preferably outside.
Then empty the dishwasher and get out the things we need to make breakfast (Breakfast is a family meal in our house), check the days headlines and weather, choose my clothes, shoes and extras for the day, hop in the shower and get ready before the rest of the family is up and about.Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 9.17.18 am

Even on weekends, I get up at 6am and follow my same routine, but I have been known to pop on trackies and jump back into bed at 8 am with my daughter for a good old cuddle session! Routines are fabulous, and then you have to live a bit too…

5. Less is more – This is a simple one – Own less. Own the minimal you can. Wear everything in your wardrobe and wear it often. Love your clothes and let them become a part of you, a part of your story… the less you own, the better quality it can be and the more time you can put into finding it and purchasing it. It frees you up physically and emotionally and gives you room to breath!

So, dream big in life and live like you are already there! Get organised, create a routine, know your style, curate your wardrobe, take care of yourself… Always look to the future and always be planning.

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