‘The right fitness fits as it comes with our desire to never quit’ b. x


Fitness is part of our fulfilled life and if we develop a genuine love of looking after our health and bodies it is hard to quit being fit.  Fitness comes in many forms and seeking to the find the ‘one’ that best suit you can be expensive and frustrating.   Also as we are well aware; humans seek to find the easiest and fastest way to get our fitness goals meet thus making the task tedious. So how do we get fit right?


It is simple: There is not just one type of fitness that will suit our bodies, there are a multitude but the best ones are the quality training that is purposeful and health improving.


We all have factors that impact on our fitness and schedules and time are the prime factor specifically for women and busy Mum’s.


Bring the children with your to training, whether it be, walking the mornings an outdoor class or going to gym.  Shown them and talk about what and why you remain fit; they then will understand the full implications of it and not juts think ‘Mummy is not listening or watching me’.


Alone time training: is also very important: try to fit in at least 3 sessions a week just you and headphones or you and friends.


Energy level and Motivation: Use the motivation that training gives  you a fresh mind and body ready to tackle any task.


5 b. tips to get the right fitness

1.Walk everyday and take the kids; in the pram; scooter, bike.

  1. Complete 40 minutes functional speed fitness training in the evening.
  2. Add yoga or Pilates for balance and wellbeing
  3. Find a time to breathe in your other passions for fitness; team sport, surfing, swimming, hiking, biking.
  4. Massage and yes this is called a ‘training session’ as this invaluable session can change more than relax but flush and invigorate.


The right fitness is a balanced mind and body therefore we must seek to find the fun, passion and purpose of fitness and training. b.x