When you are pregnant and first become a mum there is a lot of talk about losing yourself, changing lifestyle and how to stop yourself from becoming lost. For a while there I was really unsure how my lifestyle would adjust to motherhood, I mean who wants to give up brunch and weekly manicures right?


After the birth of my daughter I felt myself clutching at my old life, desperately trying to salvage what was left of the ‘me’ I had defined myself by. I would try and do some of the old things I loved, but the reality is it just wasn’t enjoyable anymore.

Going out was a stress. My partner and I spent more time passing the baby between us than we did eating and having an actual conversation was almost impossible! Wearing the latest and greatest clothes isn’t fun when you’re so concerned your baby is about to throw up on them or even worse have a nappy blow out on your expensive jeans.

So we stopped it all. I stopped going out so much, stopped worrying about what label I was wearing and I just was. I was a mother, a partner and part of a family. I got to know myself on a deeper and more genuine level, really discover who I was. What I liked and disliked.

It turns out losing myself was actually the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I left all of my baggage behind and moved forward stronger, more confident and sure of myself than I had ever been before.

Becoming a mother has without question been the most incredible thing to happen to me.

You do not need to change yourself to become a mother but you also do not need to be afraid of the change that may naturally occur. Embrace the new mumma you are, enjoy what you enjoy and be present.