Today was a great day – I overcame a bit of a mental block and listened to my first podcast! Where have I been, you may ask? A technological dinosaur perhaps, but never too proud to give things a go!

Friends have often suggested I enrich my fuzzy baby brain by listening to this podcast and that podcast, perfect for time spent driving and absorbing stimulating chat and wisdom when otherwise I’d be listening to some music.
But the truth be told, I love hopping in the car and submitting to the randomness of the radio. Call me old-fashioned, but I listen to whatever the radio DJ chooses and flick between a few favourite, quality stations before I find something that suits my mood – or will improve my mood. Or sometimes I just crank up music that will drown out or distract the whinging children in the back seat. Music often is a cure all. Even yesterday my feisty 4 year old requested I play more of that ‘rock n roll’ music we had just listened to – it was something like the White Stripes or Rage against the Machine…

But today a friend, a relatively new friend who instinctively just gets me, and my need for a creative outlet, made it so easy to listen to a podcast she recommended earlier in the day. It was impossible not to listen to it – she sent me the link via good old text message, raved about it in that message, and in a moment of time when I was also doing the online grocery shop, I pressed play and listened to Elizabeth Gilbert talking about magic.

Well not exactly magic, but it was a good dose of inspiration for anyone needing a bit of a pep talk to kick-start that something creative in their life. Following on from her book ‘Big Magic’, this ‘Magic Lessons’ podcast helps you find ways to keep the creative spirit alive. Perfect for me as I folded another load of washing, prepped some dinner and dusted off that part of my brain that craves creativity.

So it’s now back to curating the perfect podcast library…. I encourage you to try them, there are so many wonderful voices in the world.