So you have decided to start planning your family vacation, but feeling a little overwhelmed with where to begin and how to plan that perfect family vacation? Why not start with asking yourself the question ‘What does my family enjoy?’ Are you a family that enjoys the great outdoors and exploring? Are you a family of snow skiers, do you love road trips, cruising, resorts with amazing pools and kids clubs. Or do your prefer to stay local rather than travel abroad. The list and options are endless.

When I begin planning our family vacations, I always look at what each member of the family enjoys to do to ensure that this will be included.  Whether it be a road trip to the Blue Mountains, a short flight up to the Whitsundays or travelling abroad. I like to try and ensure that each family member will be happy and enjoy their vacation.

When searching for accommodation, I do a lot of research. As a family we do enjoy exceptional service and attention to detail and accommodation that is comfortable and services and amenities that accommodates our families needs. We love resorts that offer fantastic kids club services, amenities and kids programes, day spas, water sports and fantastic swimming facilities and golf.

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Dining options are very high on our list when planning a family vacation. I am always looking to ensure that great dining options are readily available and will accommodate our families needs. Travelling with children can have its challenges when it comes to dining, nothing worse than hungry tired irritable children…it can put a dampener on a wonderful vacation.

When travelling abroad we try to find activities and entertainment that allows us to embrace and experience the culture. Travelling, I believe, is a wonderful way to learn and educate through such wonderful experiences. Whether it be going to local museums, watching local dancing and music, eating local delicacies or participating in the children’s programes at kids clubs, these all can be a wonderful way of learning about the local area and culture.

When Planning your next family vacation ask yourself the question “What does my family enjoy?” and use this as your starting point to begin planning that next amazing family vacation.

Remember family vacation is about enjoying wonderful experiences together and creating wonderful memories.

The world is your oyster.

Happy Planning!