Style is not just what you wear. I believe even more importantly it’s what you create inside your house. It doesn’t matter if you are renting, or have bought, if you have a small apartment or a large manor. The colours, the tones, the environment you set within your house is that warm welcoming feeling only you know how to create. This can be challenging because we may have a picture in mind but not sure how to start. We recently found this out when we moved into our house. I couldn’t exactly articulate what I wanted but could see it in my head. Enter an interior designer (I once thought was such a posh/nonsense occupation, apologies to all designers!). I now know how incredible they are if they understand you!

Here are some simple forward notes if you want to add a touch of YOU to your house without the big budget:


1: Choose your colour first. We knew our big feature of the house was the open space and the greenery out the back so navy and neutrals were going to be our colour. I looked through pinterest and many magazines. This is where the best ideas come from. Research on the net ‘house inspiration’ and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

2: What style are you? Do you love antiques, are you eclectic, Norwegian, (suss out Ikea if so). Are you classical or french provenience? There are so many styles. When you are asked to describe your house how would you express it to your friends? We knew we wanted lots of space and seating even if it created the illusion of more space than what we have. We wanted all people entering our house feeling welcome, not a stiff “don’t touch anything policy”005_W1608F-15

3: Invest in a standout piece, a talking point. It may be your child’s art work blown up, a big swing upon entering the house, that huge colourful ball on the entry hall table. Find something that represents your personality and go with it. It may not fit in with the rest of the house but it will be a stand out feature and a great point of interest.

4: Its going to take time. I was so excited to start furnishing the house. Everyone kept saying it will take a year but I didn’t want to believe them or listen. In the end it took 10 and half months and I am so glad for this process. I saw it come together and I learnt not to choose the same furniture from the same place otherwise it can all look a bit matchy matchy and you want your house to represent you and your family, not a show room. Have fun and remember you want your house to be your HOME where you are most comfortable and relaxed.

For a great, hilarious and well priced interior designer we used Samantha Interiors INSTA@samanthasinteriors