How do you know if you’re done?

Do you feel something different?
Are there signs?
Do you weigh up the affordability of it?
OR do you somehow just “know” that you’ve finished having kids?
If your reading this and you’re waiting for a response to the above question…you will be disappointed sorry(!), I have no answer. If anything i’m searching for one myself as I write this.
All my life I’ve grown up saying ” I want to have 3 kids” So far we’ve been very fortunate to be blessed with 2. A pigeon pair; boy and a girl. The stereotypical perfect family structure and its great! They’ve just hit an age where they are becoming more independent and are bonding in the most amazing way. I sit and watch them in awe and have found myself thinking wow…this is nice…do I really want that third child after all? It’s starting to feel like I’ve got my own independence back, and things seem to be so easy! Am I ready to go back into the newborn/baby haze again? This time tackling it with TWO fiesty toddlers?
Yes. No. Well, maybe. Actually I don’t know.
I don’t feel like my family is incomplete.
I don’t feel clucky.
I get panicky around newborns.
So does that mean we’re done?
I do imagine having another little bub running around.
I do look for future houses with one extra bedroom.
I get overwhelmed with joy watching my kids interact with others babies.
So does that mean we’re not done??
Yes. No. Well, maybe. Actually I don’t know.
To be honest I really don’t know. I believe that you can never really be ready for what motherhood has to throw at you, and that doesn’t change whether you have one, three or five kids. Therefore we have decided to leave it in the hands of the universe. If it’s meant to be, it somehow, someday, will be.
So until then, if your going through the same split personality thoughts that I am, I will leave you with one thought that someone recently told me…
You will never regret having another child, but you will always sit and wonder “what if?”
Sending you love,