“Exercise trends will come and go and so will your need to follow…” b. x

We are uniquely us for a reason, we have varied likes and dislikes and this is no different when it comes to exercise trends. However, in recent years we have seen a rise in extreme exercise trends with every piece of magic equipment or varied activity going to ‘change your life and make you burn fat faster’.

But all we really need to know is how to look after our bodies with simplicity and quality. So how do we know what is good and not so good for us?

It’s simple: Ask yourself the question…

Will this improve the health of my entire body and mind?

your way

When we talk about health, it is about the body and function of our mind, posture, alignment, internal function, energy, happiness, wellness and fulfillment. When we exercise or train our bodies we are seeking to improve it, not just by weight loss but rather by an entire function. Training our body and mind by completing exercises that improve our health are actually very simple. Exercise should not be a tedious task or be a risk for injury. As we age, our bodies require functional, time efficient fitness and training. We require mindfulness and body training that ensure we can remain energized for our busy lives. We require training that will not harm us so we can look after our families and future.

This being said, the most highly beneficial exercises include:

Walking, speed circuit sets, weight training, yoga, and some fun fitness or a team sport.

‘If we seek to find and create our best health; our best body will always follow close behind’ b. x