You walk those aisles and are sucked in by the glossy magazines with weight loss scams and women that have been air brushed to the MAX! You hear and listen to the bounce back weight of women who have just had babies and others who struggle to lose it. You see the women trying to look like the model in the catalogue then complain it doesn’t fit the same on them when they walk out of the store.
Are we ever truly content with how we look and what is in our lives?
Do we need to be more grateful?
Sometimes we have too many options…
I’m 35 years old and right now I’m in a blissful year of having had our 4th child. I breastfeed, watch what I eat but also love treats and life’s pleasures. I exercise in moderation and above all, I am happy.
Shopping with four children is a massive task let alone trying to get them all in the car without “I need to go to the bathroom”, to “I want another drink of water” before the engine even starts. 
I have finally found, and I may be late to the game, that online shopping is winning my heart and I can scroll guilt free whenever I want, be it when the bubs are all sleeping or when I have a spare few minutes. There is though, nothing that beats the experience of walking into a store, which is why it’s so exciting our next QueenHood event will be held in the new OZSALES wonderful pop up store on the Northern Beaches where designer clothing and accessories will surround us in all different shapes, sizes and colours. We will indulge in:
  •  Roaming canapes 
  •  Sip on champagne as we browse the racks of OZSALES where together it’s all brought to us. 
  •  Best of all its affordable and you’re invited to come along and leave all that rubbish that is in your head of what you do and don’t look good in. 
  • As you walk through the doors you’ll be greeted with warmth, laughter, music, stylists and most of all, pamper time for you! Am I dreaming, you may ask? No you’re not! Theses tickets will go fast so book your spot here…
QueenHoods Bust A Move is to remind the adventurous woman inside of us that we always have our groove. It occasionally needs a re-jig, or a new lease of life. It may be that the glass is too foggy, but your spirit, for different journeys and fun times, will never go away so let’s embrace the fact that you’re on the go, willing to find even a spare two minutes to move and groove and bust your move in the way only you know how…and for me that’s often with socks that are not even matching in my sneakers that no one would know about…until now!