I love getting home to the kids each day!!

I excitedly race through the door after work to see my adorable little girls and my husband, in our well organised little home, where all is calm and happy…

Whoa Mumma stop right there! Rewind! What were you thinking?

Today is more like – Where am I? It’s like World War 3 in here! – Utter chaos surrounds us, no dinner, house is a mess, kids are tired, hungry, grumpy, homework needs to be done, baths need to be had, there’s no food in the house and I have work to catch up on…

Where do I start?

I am way behind the eight ball tonight, it ain’t going to be pretty.

Both girls are crying so I drop everything and the 3 of us group hug it out on the floor…me still in a suit and heels mind you…this is comical!

Then my littlest bumps heads with my older daughter and now the cries become screeching…from both of them. Things are escalating pretty quickly!

I wasn’t prepared for this mayhem tonight. I have my period, that kick in the guts kinda feel. It was a full on day. I’m tired and I too feel like crying so guess what? I do! If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em right?!

FullSizeRender (7)

The three of us sit there and have a good old cry together and then all of a sudden, it all seems hysterically funny and all 3 of us end up in fits of giggles!!!

I see my chance to regain control. I can’t win it all but I can focus on what matters! We race to put on our PJ’s, have cheese on toast for dinner, snuggle up in bed and read stories together.

All is well again in our little world, we are warm and cosy, tummies are full and together we have survived the tired melt down end to our day! The kid’s bath, the mess, the homework and my work can all be tackled tomorrow and I can take comfort in finding my calm and happy place once again.

Who said a good old fashion cry never helped?!