How are you feeling? Honestly?
Are you refreshed still and ready to roll into summer? Or are you feeling a bit low, tired, weary and needing a break?
I often say we must treat our bodies like cars, meaning we only put the best fuel in them and not the ethanol, lowest priced petrol.
Often when I wake and feel a little off or I know I have had a big week ahead, I make sure I stock up on some extra nutrients, vitamins and minerals for my body. Big for me are Bioisland. I find a big difference in their liver care and detox and also their immune protect propolis. It keeps me in check with what I’m eating and how fast paced the weeks are, making sure no sickness hits my body.
I always have a little drawer of these vitamins and when I need to, I take them. The great part about taking vitamins is they will never harm you only help you and if you don’t need them your body will flush them out regardless. It’s not just how we move however, exercise, for bust a move, is also what we do on a day to day basis of living our lives and in the right way, that doesn’t see us in a mad frenzy, but all within the right time regardless of pressures around us.
rise up
Maybe you’re about to embark on a new training programme, a health kick before Christmas or a few months of indulging…whatever the goal or challenge is for yourself, ask if you’re ready for it? Is your body willing to rise to the occasion? For others, you know the next season approaching needs to be rest and relaxation and if so, then book your massages in now and look forward to knowing that you have some good blocks of refreshing coming up.