Upon recently returning from an overseas trip, where I fully took advantage of all of Italy’s delights; cue focaccia, oil, gelato and pizza, I left not feeling guilty at all. Why? Because I truly lived in the moment (but the jeans surely felt tighter once touching the ground in Sydney). I want to tell you it was the swelling from the aeroplane but quite clearly I knew that wasn’t the case.

What I have learned is, that as soon as we decide in our head that we want to make a change and act on it, the wheels become in motion and so with it, I’ve held myself accountable.

I’m refining what I eat through the day to make meals smaller but more frequent. I am saying goodbye to carbs at night because I so feel lethargic and more bloated if I indulge in them.


I am committing to moving and exercising every day because my head space is better for it and I am aware that the silly season is soon fast approaching and if I set my head right now I will be able to have fun come Christmas time by choosing when to say “yes” and when to say “no”.

Want some tips on making that head start now?


1: Drink water before you eat. Just one big glass, even if you don’t feel like it, I guarantee you won’t be thirsty come the end of the day.

2: Commit to an outdoor exercise even if it means your small backyard for some squats or dips, a walk around your local park, an early morning swim with your child or that pilates session you know you’ve been wanting to do for ages. Make the commitment and DO IT

3: Once a month choose an hour to indulge in YOU. A quick pedicure, a foot massage, a spa treatment. It’s so important for our head space and body that we treat it right.

4: Repeat, repeat and repeat…for 28 days. The new start, the new game changer, the new improved habits…and I promise you, I truly do, you first form your habits and then your GOOD habits form.