Somedays I really suck at being a parent.

My to do list is long.

My patience is thin.

My tolerance is low.

My emotions are high.
It’s in these instances that I bribe too often, make empty threats and yell.
Of course nothing good comes out of any of it and we end up having a rough day, where the kids tantrum and I count down the minutes until bed time.
The truth is sometimes parenting is challenging and I don’t feel qualified for the role. But I’m not a bad parent.
I’m a sleep deprived, exhausted human who needs a break. I am over worked and under appreciated.
Yes my husband helps, but he’s also busy.
Yes my kids love me, but they’re not exactly singing my praises everytime I make them another meal, wipe their bum, or clean up after them for the umpteenth time that day.
So yes, I’m exhausted.
Physically, mentally, emotionally.
So on these days that I suck at being a parent, I take a break from all the things that ARE NOT important.
I don’t wash or cook or clean.
I don’t wash, hang, fold or pack.
I don’t make beds or change sheets.
I don’t scrub bathrooms or vacuum floors.
I don’t organise toys or pack away books.
I don’t reply to emails or scroll social media.
I don’t rush to play dates or catch ups.
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I take a break and simply admire my children.
I admire their passion and imagination.
I admire their gentle, carefree nature.
I let them wear dirty clothes and roam outside with no shoes.
I let them explore every toy we own and get lost in the pages of books.
I let them eat take away out of a box and biscuits from a tin.
And the best part is that I join in.
I focus on being just a mum.
Nothing more.
Instantly my energy changes and in turn, so do the kids.
We often underestimate how our emotions and attitude impacts our children. They feed off our energy. Yes I’m still exhausted and the house is a mess, but tomorrow is a new day.
Tomorrow brings the possibility that I can not only be a mum but an adult as well. (An adultier adult than today anyway ?)
Sending you love,