The biggest and most profound words I heard were ringing down the phone at a young vulnerable age of 15 years, where dripping wet at North Sydney pool I rang my parents to tell them I had come 52nd out of 72 girls in the sprint 50m Freestyle event. “They are all faster than me Dad, I swam as hard as I could”.

I still use his response throughout all my life now in business, family and general/personal development. “Elka, Never compare yourself to anyone else, your time will come if you keep trying, training and believing.”

It’s the same for us all no matter what age, we must all run our own race, we must all be first rate versions of ourselves and not second rate versions of someone else. To any athlete out there reading this, regardless of what level you are competing at, regardless of what your goal may be, know you’re worth, your ability and your talent.


Find the right coach and support staff to speak life over you and to encourage you especially in the tough moments. Believe in what you are aiming to do, write it down and go for it. The biggest fear and doubt we make is in our heads. It can stop us from achieving so much in life. Being scared is not enough to make you stop. Stand up and look at that block, with both feet in the starting position, dive into the water knowing every day you train is one chance closer to achieving what is in your heart.

Be smart on what you not only invest into your fitness but what you put in your body as well. I love working with Bioisland not only for their great products but their belief that it’s not just an individual that makes it, it requires a whole team of people to keep you strong, motivated and on track.