Growing up I ate healthy, enjoyed playing a variety of sports and studying classical ballet. I would visit the naturopath more than the doctor and I credit my family for instilling in me a sense of health and awareness that I have carried with me throughout my life.

Now, happily married and a busy mother to three energetic school children, I aspire to also instill in my children that nourishing the body and soul is a way of life to be followed with dedication and passion.

My career started as a Fashion Design Assistant after I received my Diploma of Fashion. I loved this job and thought it was my passion in life however, once I had kids, I slowly lost that passion.


I then listened to my heart and followed many signs from all the wonderful and horrible life lessons I came across and slowly but gradually found my real passion and place in this world.

I became a qualified Reiki & Energy Healer, Aromatherapy Masseuse, a doTERRA essential oil Consultant, a Kids Yoga Teacher, an Aerial Yoga Teacher and am currently studying Whole Food Nutrition. Oh, and I LOVE cooking raw vegan food and especially healthy raw treats.

My hubby built me a yoga studio where I can teach yoga and meditation. I also use this space for my natural therapies. My passion grows deeper and deeper daily as I practice all of the above on and with my 3 children. Watching them grow physically and mentally into the amazing spiritual, loving children they are, seeing their immunity strengthen daily, watching them be empowered by what they have learnt from all the natural therapies I teach them, the healthy eating habits they have learnt and then witnessing them go on to teach their friends with such confidence, makes me smile and fills my heart with love and happiness.


Juggling many different hats can make finding balance a daily struggle, but I know with the right mindset it can be done and I want to share my experiences with those that are interested, those that want to be empowered as mums and help their children be the best they can be.

“Healthy Living” is my motto. This includes: healthy exercise; breathing; sleep; stress relief; self-discipline; self-esteem; self-nurturing and healthy relationships. Many people will say they don’t have the time (especially busy mums) however I say, find the time, the will and the determination to TREASURE yours and your family’s lives and NURTURE your entire being. You are sacred, whether you know it or not and by including your family in all that I have mentioned above, you will grow enormously and live a happier more wholesome life.