Little Pages is helping every mother and child by bringing ease to the household how you ask?
 Little Pages was created especially to take some pressure off busy families. Having two new books delivered every month, is one less thing to think about in your endless household tasks.
The new books help to reignite the passion for reading in the house, throughout the entire family. There is genuine excitement from all of our Little Pages Team Members when they receive their new books. The books selected are age and gender specific, so they move with the child’s development. We like to showcase new authors and illustrators, while also visiting some Australian classics.
My husband attempted taking three children into a book shop only once! He never went back due to the overwhelming amount of choice and the destruction three little kids can make very quickly.

2: Names for brands are important how did this come to you?
Little Pages is not the first name of this small business. We initially called it ‘Nouk’, as all good books are generally enjoyed in a comfortable reading nook. However, we were delicately pressured with some legal action by a very large American company to change the name for similarities to their electronic book company. Great things can come from change, in doing so we have landed with ‘Little Pages‘ and it suits us perfectly.

3 : Do you feel women can be disadvantaged where they live in Sydney? Having lived in both Sydney and now on the Mid North coast of NSW. I found Sydney to be full of excitement and buzz but the result was I was very stressed,anxious and overwhelmed with all the commitments. I found myself and the children were always in the car, stuck in traffic. It wasn’t enjoyable for any of us. Proximity to parklands, schools and shops is liberating for young families.
4: You started this business almost a full and transitional family life time what made you take this on?
 I started Little Pages out of necessity for my own family. My children love to read and our access to books became notably more challenging after moving from Sydney.  I also had friends in the city who couldn’t find the time to go to book shops after commuting to work and school pick-ups. I was certain I wasn’t the only family who may experienced these constraints. And i was right, there are so many families who crave the connivence of books coming to their doorstep regularly.

5: To any woman out there with a dream to pursue a passion what would you say?
 You will never know if you don’t give it a go. To make sure it’s not a financial burden, start small and do as much of it as you can yourself. Limit them amount of initial spending where you can so you are not out of pocket too much at the start. Running a small business is stressful, unpredictable and full of new experiences(if you have never done it). However, its liberating to work for yourself and govern your own hours and time. This is especially useful if you’re at home with kids a lot. It allows you to have the best of both worlds.

 6: What are your goals for Little Pages ?
 Ultimately we would like to be in as many houses as we can. These numbers are always growing. I’m constanlty humbled by how quickly it has grown and continues to do.
 7: With Christmas approaching tell us how Little Pages could be the perfect present
 Little Pages has always been modelled as a fabulous gift. ‘The gift that keeps on giving’. This is a present where family members or friends can activity contribute to the life of a child. If you live away from your family, sending books is such a nice gift to give.
For many Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, they have enjoyed knowing that by providing books, it is a present that is forever lasting.
A Little Pages Subscription is also a good idea for baby showers, helping to start a little library for a new family.