Motherhood is an amazing experience and as you observe your tiny human develop, by learning from the big world around them, it is hard not to be inspired as an adult by their small world. As a baby, my oldest daughter Bella was a fairly terrible sleeper, however, she had a great love for books and for reading, and it was this love that was key to finding a bedtime routine to help both of us. If it was stories that made her sleep then we needed a LOT MORE STORIES! This was the basis for creating my book subscription business Little Pages.

Little Pages has a very simple philosophy – to make reading easy, exciting and inspiring while building a library of age appropriate books for each little subscriber. There is an excitement about receiving a parcel of new books each month, which transpires into added enthusiasm to read the new books for the children and the parents together.



As life is filled with more and more technology, physical books are still very important for all young children. This is a where they discover colours, shapes, adventures, places and things. It is a time where they hear the soft calming sound of their parents voices and a place to connect to children as they grow older, a place where you help your children communicate, grow imaginations or dream possibilities.

Little Pages has been created to not only help busy families, but it is a wonderful, educational and thoughtful present to receive continually throughout the year from family, friends and especially grandparents.

I now have three beautiful children, none of who I would say are great sleepers but all of who are inspired and independent readers. Our days are busy but there is a very nice part at the end of it where my husband and I have dedicated to reading for the kids. Story time in our house has been nurtured and encouraged as family time and in turn has resulted in the children having an avid love for books. If they had their way story time would be a perpetual event. With Little Pages, I am trying to help families with young children spend more quality time reading beautiful books together, the way my family does and give these families the foundations they need to establish positive reading habits with their children.