It’s not uncommon for my clients to ask me “how often” they can have “a treat”, or tell me that they have cut a perfectly healthy food, such as bread, out of their diet because they can’t eat just one piece.

The thing about food is, it is neither a punishment or a reward. Food is fuel, it’s love, it’s pleasure, it nourishes our bodies and brings us together with friends and family. Yet we use it to reward or punish ourselves.


If you like chocolate, have a piece of chocolate. Have one every day if you feel so inclined. You don’t need to earn that right any more than you need to earn the right to breathe tomorrow. But when you eat that chocolate, take the time to enjoy it, so that just one or two pieces is enough. I also recommend buying small quantities, rather than big blocks if you are the kind of person who finds it more difficult to walk away after just one bite.

For those of you who cut out foods because you enjoy them so much that you can’t just eat a little bit, please don’t. Instead, why not look at your eating habits throughout the day and see if perhaps the midnight fridge raid is the symptom of not eating enough food throughout the day…