This is me. All over. Everyday.

I’ve never answered private numbers (spam/telemarketing) or numbers I don’t know (unless I’m expecting a call…rare anyway) but since becoming a mum, and a SAHM in particular, I hardly make it to the phone at all. Sometimes I even forget to check my voicemail. #sorry

The truth is, I don’t have time to talk on the phone.

Yes you read correctly. I have 2 children (3 and 2) who demand all my attention. Most of the day (except when I’m in on the toilet ?) they happily play together or easily entertain themselves. This gives me the chance to get dressed, prepare lunch/dinner, or clean parts of the house. However kids being kids, they are still aware that I am at their every beck and call. My attention is still on them, because we all know that nothing good comes from silent toddlers!

I have made the mistake numerous times of answering the phone during these moments and the result is this:

  1. The kids decide they should test their vocal cords and so…I can’t hear anything.
  2. The kids urgently need to go to the toilet or are SO hungry that they’re going to starve so…I can’t juggle a nappy, while wiping a toddlers bum, and making a sandwich as well as talk on the phone.
  3. The threenager decides to play with playdough, proceeds to step on it dispersing it into the rugs, at the same time that the toddler decides to eat it, so…I won’t even remember what we spoke about.

There are those blissful few moments of silence where the children are asleep, but this time is dedicated to:

1: My husband.

2: Netflix

3: Nothing. Just the serenity of the silence.

So just text me. I promise I’ll reply to your text or email. (One week turn around tops!)

Sending you love,