We are all familiar with the standard airline speech about putting on your oxygen mask before anyone else’s, as we await take off. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a life lesson here for every mother.


For every woman, that means something different. Maybe it’s taking an hour out for yourself every week, or every day to go for a walk…alone. Maybe it’s cooking something for dinner that no one in the family enjoys much except for you, because it’s what you want to eat. Maybe it’s just having a few moments to eat something during the day.

Often as mums, we fall into the trap of tending to everyone’s needs before our own. I’m talking about basic every day needs, like eating and exercising. So what can we do as busy women, to tend to our family’s needs without sacrificing our own?



If you’re making kids food, eat at the same time, or at least make yourself something at the same time to eat when you are ready.


You can turn any outing with your infant, toddler or older child into an opportunity for movement for you. Pushing a pram is great exercise, so is jogging beside your child on their bike or scooter. Join them on the monkey bars! Feel free to be creative, and have fun.


In our house, quiet time on the weekend is sacred – everyone is exhausted by the end of the week. My husband and I like to have a nap at least once, and although our kids won’t have a nap (usually), we give them some dedicated quiet time. It may only be an hour, but that hour of quiet and stillness is good for everyone.