The number one universal reason for not exercising.

Why don’t we place enough importance on our health to MAKE time for exercise?

Gyms are intimidating.


Firstly, can I clarify the number one fear for women when it comes to strength training?

You will not become big & bulky by lifting weights.

The over-sized men you see, spend about 6-8 hours per week lifting weights. Their high testosterone levels stimulate muscle growth. Given that time is the number one reason for NOT exercising, it would be fair to presume you don’t even have eight hours to spare. Trust me, you’re safe here. Lift away!

Not sure exactly what to do in the gym? Get yourself a personal trainer (PT)!

Having a PT to guide you through your workouts, teach you how to do an exercise correctly and watch your technique, will prevent injury and soon build your confidence. Work with them to set a goal that YOU want to achieve. After all, this is about YOU. You’re surrendering your safety into the hands of the trainer so you learn to build trust. A great thing about having a PT is that if you’re having one of those days where you feel unmotivated and flat, it’s your trainer that you’re going to hear from when you miss a session. They’ll help to keep you accountable.

With a PT to help push you a little harder, you’ll build a mental strength that far outweighs any competitive work environment. Here, you only need to prove it to yourself.
You’ll gain confidence and be empowered when you run further and faster than you did last time or you lift heavier than you did last week. And if it matters to you, maybe weighing less than you did at your last weigh in.

You are capable of so much more than you’re allowing yourself to be. Think about the heaviest thing you ever had to pick up. Think about the fastest or the furthest you’ve ever had to run. That’s your comfort zone. Allow your trainer to take you out of your comfort zone and gain a confidence you never imagined having. Your mentality and self-discipline changes. You’ll reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep and your energy levels will lift. It’s a transformation between coming home and saying, “I feel so mentally exhausted, I’m too tired to go to the gym”, to now thinking “I feel so mentally exhausted, I NEED to go to the gym”.


Fortunately, there’s a growing awareness for equal gender rights and opportunities in our society. The most important thing to know is that your time to exercise is never about those people around you, it’s about YOU.

Doing something for yourself.

Because YOU deserve it.

You don’t need to do this alone. The great thing about the fitness industry these days is that time is no longer a problem thanks to 24 hour gym’s and PT’s willing to work 24/7. And, if you can’t get to the gym at a reasonable hour, there are mobile personal trainers that will come to you – in your own home, in your own hours, at your convenience.

Be kind to yourself. But remember, a comfort zone is a beautiful place where nothing ever grows.