Working as a personal stylist, part of my job is to create a ‘space’ between my client and I that is safe and secure for them to share the ‘idealistic’ version of themselves, their dream and aspirations as well as their funniest fashion ‘faux paux’ and ‘what ifs’, all whilst we try on every piece in their wardrobe.
Here is where I take the opportunity to, between a big pile of clothes, and now empty coat hangers, ensure my clients that the BEST version of themselves Is always the one hiding inside, behind the make-up, the black business suit, the activewear, the ripped jeans and t-shirt. I believe, if each of us would take more than 10 seconds to look at ourselves in the mirror, and take the critical eye out, we would give ‘that dream girl’ a chance to come out and shine.
As women we tend to be our harshest critic, there always seems to be a question mark on who we are and who we are supposed to be? But, what does all of this has to do with what I SEE in ‘her wardrobe’? EVERYTHING if you ask me, between all the piles of unworn jeans, pre-baby dresses, and sometimes even those Rockstar pieces we used to wear with pride as teenagers, we can identify the different journeys our lives have taken over the years and recognize why we are who we are.

One thing that has remained consistent in this process and even for myself whilst getting dressed in the morning, is THAT question of WHO am I going to be today? Have I listened to that voice that says, ‘you are just a mum’, ‘there is no time to think about this’ or ‘are you really wearing that again’. So how about I shift my thinking and stand on my own two feet and say: ‘you are worth those extra 5 minutes of pamper and feel proud of being a mum’, ‘I am a business woman with my own version of success and style’, ‘I am worth it’. This is what PERSONAL STYLING is all about.
So, Next time you are standing in front of the closet wondering what to wear, take an extra 10 seconds to wonder is the girl in the mirror the real, wonderful ME, not the one I tried to replicate from a photo I looked at this morning.