Spring is now! The perfect time to get ready for when we have to start shedding those layers and revealing our winter skin. Today is the perfect day to start to get your body and mind recharged for the new season.

Time management is essential. As a busy mum you already know how to do juggle like a pro so fixing and scheduling when you exercise and what you eat will eliminate enormous amounts of stress.

Get the whole family involved in choosing activities you can all do together. Doing activities together that everyone enjoys is so valuable and will boost your brains dopamine levels which will leave you on a natural high.

Sit outside while you eat your lunch. This will help you support optimal vitamin D levels and the fresh air can recharge your batteries for the second half of your day.


Food prepping isn’t just for those Insta mum’s who you see standing behind a mountain of food filled containers. It’s for all of us who are starved for time. Setting aside time to plan and prepare the meals for the week can sound daunting but think of the joy you’ll feel when you know you have tonight’s dinner not only decided on but ALREADY COOKED!!!

But nothing you do that is beneficial for your health can beat getting a good nights sleep. It is a way our bodies refuel. A good night’s sleep is a key part of any healthy lifestyle plan.

Remember, it is never too late to start. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish and how great you feel when you do.