Spring Clean your Life!


Spring is the perfect time of year to take a step back and look at where you could change any habits orremove unnecessary baggage that you’ve accumulated over winter and get yourself back on track. Whether it be your pantry, in the home, exercise routines or even your daily routine – any change is good for the soul!

The Pantry

When was the last time you looked at your pantry? Begin by removing anything that may be out of date or that you no longer need or use and start fresh. This will allow you to take an inventory of the items you have available for meals too, giving you a head start with any meal-planning for the week.

The House

It doesn’t have to stop in the pantry – even re-organising and shuffling things around in the house can help you set new goals and put a different perspective on things. You could do one section a day or even one room a week. Decluttering your wardrobe can seem like a huge task but can make the world of difference. Look in your wardrobe and ask yourself, when was the last time you wore that? If it still has a tag on it and it’s been a few months since you bought it, are you really going to wear it? Tidy house, tidy mind; keep that in mind when trying to convince yourself to keep it. Don’t forget if it’s in good condition you can always donate your items to charities or an organisation so it can be used again.

 Exercise Routine

Now that the sun is starting to shine more, don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new in your daily routine, this is a great way to lighten your mood and improve your thoughts. Perhaps you could change your morning routine to involve a daily mantra or even just do something for yourself for a change like taking a yoga or Pilates class. All of these activities can give you a boost of motivation and a sense of freshness. Don’t be afraid to try something you may not have done before – go outside and change your scenery and see how it makes you feel!



For an hour or more a day, put down your phone, turn off the tv and anything electronic and unplug and unwind from the day. We are all so used to constantly having our electronic devices in sight and within reach that it becomes an automatic behaviour to look at them all the time. Give your fingertips a break and give that hour back to yourself. Read a book, take a bath, get a massage or just spend some time with friends and family, it will do you the world of good.

The year is nearly over but remember, you can start a new habit or change up old ones any time of the year not just in January! It’s a strength to be able to shake off old habits and adopt new ones and you’ll be surprised what some de-cluttering and a change in your routines can do for your health and happiness.