5 ways to create more energy.

The art of being a Mum, worker and wife is a constant juggling act and to say our schedules are packed to the brim is probably a huge understatement.  We manage to cram in a million and one activities into one day but sometimes not without compromise to our own health.  In fact, a common denominator in my discussions with clients is their lack of energy, which of course is a vital part of our ability to cope.

So we know that there is little we can do to reduce the level of ‘constantNESS’, but there is a LOT we can do to reduce the impact this has on our energy levels.  In fact, there is even a possibility that we can increase them.

Here are 5 fast tips to more energy both long and short term.

  1. Nutritious energy boosting food

When we are busy, we have a tendency to skip meals.  This creates unstable blood sugar levels, which can make you foggy, lethargic and agitated.  Eating more frequently will alleviate the ‘hangry’ symptoms and keep mood swings to a minimum.   A diet high in protein is beneficial for a variety of reasons but one being that it keeps you fuller for longer.  Foods that are great for a pick me up when you’re starting to fade throughout the day include leafy greens, greek yoghurt, dark chocolate in moderation, berries and whole grains.  Adding spicy herbs to your meal will also increase your metabolism and overall energy.

  1. Sleep

Finding a balance between too much sleep and not enough is a trial and error activity.  There is such a thing as oversleeping and this can actually make you feel worse than no sleep at all.  Most research shows that it’s much more about the quality of sleep you get but as a general rule for adults, between 6-8 hours per night is adequate. It’s also important that you try and keep your routine consistent so the body is not being constantly confused.

5 ways to create more energy pic1

  1. Exercise

This really is a no brainer for me.  When you exercise your body pumps blood and oxygen throughout your body, which is why you feel, energised.  Your muscles are active and that includes your brain.  Exercise increases serotonin, your happy hormone.  This lifts you mood and in turn gives you the physical energy you need to keep going.  Regular exercise will also improve your sleep quality.

  1. Water

Dehydration causes the body to slow down, become sluggish and function poorly.  Drinking water regularly throughout the day will keep you feeling fuller and a lot sharper.  It’s amazing how different you feel after an icy cold glass of water mid afternoon.

  1. Listen to music you love

Although this really has nothing to do with exercise, it has everything to do with our overall our psychological energy.  Put on your favourite tunes, pump up the volume and allow the vibe to take you to a place where you feel positive and happy.  A good song can make us feel like we can conquer the world.