couples-boxI’m a Mum and I love it. My Husband and I married 10 years ago (after meeting in a Croatian night club but that’s another story). We have two beautiful children Pernille 8 and Ibsen 5.

I talk to a lot of mothers and time and time again they share stories of being tired, busy, caught up in chores and work etc. Life is busy and we can forget to make time for our partners.

I reminisce about those nights in Croatia where we would talk for hours on end…Were we ever going to connect like that again?

It takes work to stay connected as a couple, especially after having children! Having meaningful child free conversations becomes a challenge and something I wanted to change knowing how important communication is to a relationship.

I craved those conversations we used to have. My search led me to an amazing woman on the other side of the world, in Norway who was feeling exactly the same way. Berta had taken it one step further and created the perfect tool to reignite those fun and meaningful conversations. FuelBox!

After many sleepless nights thinking about how I could bring FuelBox to Australia, I decided I couldn’t NOT do this. It was too important. 9 months later FuelBox Australia was born.

FuelBox is so much more than a simple box of questions, it’s a tool to help and remind us how important our relationships are with our partners, our families and also with the people we work with.

When we first meet someone, especially someone we have feelings for, we spend a lot of time asking questions, listening and being curious about that person. We spend hours talking, connecting and building trust by sharing thoughts and feelings. In today’s world there are so many things competing for our attention and unfortunately the good old face to face conversations isn’t happening as often as it used to. Technology has helped create a world where we feel we are more connected, but are we? Jay Shetty, a motivational speaker said recently, “We ask google more questions than we ask each other”, something that is very real and thought provoking.

We all know relationships take work but it doesn’t have to be HARD work. Simply taking the time to ask each other some questions, to listen and share, creates intimacy and best of all, connection.

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