Getting the most out of your home workouts.

By Camilla Bazley


Whether you’re a mum working out at home with the kids, you live remotely with no gym access, or you just prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home, then there are few simple rules to follow to make sure you get the most out of your workout. If you put the right plan in place, have a fail-safe strategy, and follow these rules, then you’re setting yourself up for one incredible workout!


Dedicate a space.

The space you choose to train in should be kept the same each time. Find a place in your home, whether it’s in your lounge room, back yard, or garage that has enough room for you to move, lay down an exercise mat, and you can always you this spot every time you train at home. The more familiar with the environment, the more you train your brain to switch in to “exercise” mode when you hit this place. It’s like when you walk in to the gym, right? You leave the other “baggage” at the door, and your mind knows that it’s now there to work. Ensure it’s a place that has good “energy”.

Don’t change the room every time you train. You’ll find yourself distracted, spatially unaware, and having to relocate your training aids each time.


Keep it simple and stick to the plan.

You do not need 57 exercises, 10 pieces of equipment, and to be going in and outside every 45 seconds. Pick workouts and equipment that allow you to do multiple different exercises in your small space. A Torsion Bar, Skipping Rope, and Resistance Band are my 3 essentials. Using your Torsion Bar you can perform an array of different exercises from strength based to cardio whilst touching all muscle groups for a full body workout. The more equipment you have, the less room you have to move. Not only this, the more time you spend going from different training aids, the less time you have working out! As the old saying goes… “Less is more”.


Remove distractions.

The biggest rule of all – REMOVE ANYTHING THAT DISTRACTS YOU! Turn the TV off. Close down your computer. Take any “work” out of the room, or anything that looks like work, your washing basket, that vacuum, the coffee cup you left on the coffee table the night before. Out of sight out of mind. You don’t want to get 7 reps in to your 20 torsion bar lunges and decide you need to fold that washing just before you finish the session, or quickly shoot over to your laptop to check that email alert you just heard come through. Set your scene. Remove the clutter. Avoid the head noise.

If you have a family at home while you are training, let them know that this is your time, and ask them to kindly give you 30 minutes without interruption. Your family and friends can be your biggest motivators and supporters. Ensure they are on your team.

The perfect combo of cardio, strength, and hitting every inch of your body using body weight. Working out from home never looked so easy, enjoyable, and effective.