Last night your head hit the pillow and you don’t remember a single thing after that moment but now the alarm is beeping away and it’s time to tick off the endless list of things that must be done before you can even get out the door. Are lunches made? Someone has sports training in 30 minutes don’t they? Hold on, you didn’t fill the car with petrol last night? Will you even make this meeting this morning but you simply have to, no choice? “WHAT? Why is everyone still in their pyjamas”?“Just eat the wheatbix with butter and vegemite we don’t have time to pour milk”!“C’mon every one we need to GO”!


Such a morning requires a uniform. No time to think and no time to languish in front of the mirror as you once did pre family perfecting your mascara and blow-drying each section of your hair thoughtfully. Your ‘go to’ uniform is a pair of stretch jeans, no rips because you have to go from school run to work and maybe even out to dinner tonight (although that seems like a lifetime away right now!). High-rise are so comfortable and they suck your tummy in post take away binge last night. You choose black today because black always makes sense, no matchy matchy required. Mavi do really good stretch jeans and you choose your favourites, your ALISSA ANKLE Jean in Double Black GOLD Reform (‘GOLD Reform’ you know now is code for extra stretch, extra memory so they keep their shape all day wear after wear, thank god!) Also they are  ‘Double black’ so they keep their colour wash after wash, you can’t even see the splash of coffee you dropped on them yesterday. You team them with a cotton t’shirt (no ironing required), throw on a jacket and your favourite pair of black flat shoes. No time for heels you need to run. Simple make-up needed but you have your touch up kit in the car so worry about that later. You catch yourself in the mirror just for a moment and realise you are looking good! Time to go. Be that Mum. You can do it! You can get it done.

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